Indian River County Vero Beach, FL
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What to Expect

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

When I arrive to your Vero Beach home (15 minutes before the session to discuss your needs) I begin by setting up my massage table in an area of your home that you will feel most comfortable in. While I set up the table you can answer some questions on the client intake form that I provide.

The form gives me more in-depth information needed to personalize your session and addresses any areas that need concentrating on. Your medical condition along with any other recent or past injuries are part of what helps me to personalize your treatment so that you get the most out of the session.

I then excuse myself to allow you to have some privacy while disrobing to your comfort level. You will be draped at all times except for the area that is being worked on. A typical full body massage includes beginning the massage with your back, arms, hands, legs, feet, head, neck and shoulders. If you have any levels of discomfort throughout the massage I welcome you to communicate with me so that you receive the best treatment possible.

This is a professional massage that is therapeutic in nature so any inappropriate behavior, sexual advances, or vulgar language is unwelcome and will not be tolerated whatsoever and the massage will then be terminated immediately. Termination of the massage session due to such behavior does not relinquish the liability for full payment of the scheduled appointment.

You can download my consent form prior to my visit.  New client intake form.