Getting The Most Out of Your Massage

Massage therapy has been gaining more and more popularity over the years for its wonderfully healing aspects. To get the most out of your massage treatment the following list of tips can help you increase the benefits of a massage session.

1.     Do not eat just before your appointment. Give your body ample time to digest before seeing your therapist.

2.     Keep an open mind and try to leave your worries behind even if it’s just for an hour. You can pick up those worries later.

3.     Do not wear any jewelry.

4.     Be on time! It takes time to get clients to fill out their intake forms and get ready for their massage. Arriving 15 minutes to 30 minutes before your massage session is ideal since it gives the massage therapist time to assess your needs and learn about your health habits. If you’re experiencing a spa session then give yourself enough time to use the amenities like the sauna and showers. Being late to your session means that you lose that time since spas generally get booked quickly and they tend to stay on time regardless of how late you arrive.

5.     Do not schedule a massage session if you are sick with a cold, have the flu or have a fever. Give your body time to heal before getting a massage treatment. Additionally, you may spread your virus to others including your therapist. Be considerate of others health and stay home if you’re sick.

6.     Do not drink too many fluids just before your massage so you won’t have to interrupt your session by visiting the bathroom.

7.     Remove as much clothing as you can prior to your session. You can leave underwear on but your massage therapist will only massage the area needed and will most likely follow proper draping guidelines that are in place via their state laws. (the therapist will leave the room and give you the privacy you need while disrobing)

8.    Shower before your session.
• There is nothing worse than giving someone a massage and they have dirty and/or sandy feet. To avoid having all this uncleanliness spread to the rest of your body try to be as clean as you can before you get a massage. This also includes scheduling a massage post workouts. Take a quick shower before your session. Your therapist will appreciate it. If you are at a spa, use the steam room and the heat will make your massage more effective since your muscles will be warmed up before your massage.

9.     Communicate with your therapist.
• Your massage therapist will offer you preferences regarding massage oil or cream. If you have any preferences make sure you communicate that to your therapist especially if you have any allergies or other skin concerns.

• Many therapists will have you fill out an intake form outlining your health history. Make sure you are as accurate as possible letting them know what your expectations are so that they are able to deliver the best massage that fits your goals.

• Some massage therapists bring some of their own relaxing music. If you prefer something else then make sure you tell your therapist what you enjoy.

• Give ongoing feedback to your therapist if there is something that is bothering you. This could include the level of pressure, pain, room temperature, or any other concerns. Your massage therapist cannot read your mind and many are truly committed to making you feel at ease and relaxed.

10.     Breathe! Take many deep breaths and you’ll notice yourself relax more. The more relaxed your muscles are the better and more effective your massage session will be.

11. Concentrate on less chatter and focus on your breathing and you’ll find yourself become more relaxed. Some people enjoy talking during a massage but if you can quiet your mind momentarily you can better focus on how well your therapist is addressing your concerns. When your therapist isn’t distracted with conversation they can better “listen” to how your muscles are responding to their touch.

12. Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water after your massage session. There are toxins in your bloodstream that have been released from your tight muscles and being able to flush those out by drinking plenty of water will make you feel better overall and your skin will also benefit with a healthy glow.

Finally, be open to scheduling several massage sessions to address any chronic painful issues. Your massage therapist cannot take away all the pain or discomfort you have in just one session alone so understand that several sessions (at least two a month) can bring you wonderful results with whatever ails you.  The therapeutic effects are cumulative so the more you have the better you will feel over time.