In-Home Massage Vs. Day Spa

Benefits of Experiencing a Home Massage Vs. A Day Spa

Experiencing a home massage has far more therapeutic benefits than traveling to a day spa since you’re much more likely to relax in your own surroundings. One of the many benefits includes not having to get into your car and drive home. Imagine getting tied up in stressful traffic situations and that wonderful massage you just had ends up being a faint memory as your stress levels begin climbing. You can prolong your therapeutic benefits by either taking a much-needed nap or a soothing Epsom salt bath.

Outside Stimulation
Being at home also means you’re familiar with your own surroundings and less likely to be mentally stimulated by hearing the sounds of a busy day spa. No matter how zen-like they furnish the spa you are naturally more inclined to absorb the sensory input since it is an unfamiliar location.

Time & Value
You get a complete hour and not just 50 minutes. Most spas offer 50-minute services in order to maximize profits and when you get a therapist to come to your home you get the full hour that you paid for and the LMT doesn’t feel rushed and in some cases will spend a few more minutes bringing you much needed relief. This means you get more bang for your buck and the mobile massage therapist typically charges far less than a day spa.

Another positive benefit is that your mobile massage therapist is less stressed than the busy day spa LMT. Many spas book massage therapists between 5-8 treatments a day. Since they are the aforementioned 50 minutes this leaves them 5 to 10 minutes to change the sheets and get to know you just before the massage. Sometimes this client and therapist interaction is done once the client is on the table and this reduces the level of a quality massage. You are less of a number and a more valued client when your therapist has the time to spend with you in your home to get to know you.

The next time you decide to receive some therapeutic bodywork consider the points mentioned above and try seeking the help of a licensed massage therapist that offers mobile massage services. You might find the extended relaxation benefits far more effective and easier on your wallet.



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